Last week Simon Cowell became the first judge to press his golden buzzer - sending teen pandora jewelry charms discount Sarah Ikumu straight through to the semi-finals.


But on Saturday night Alesha Dixon became the next to assign an act with the coveted reward on Britain's Got Talent, after an emotional performance from dance troupe Just Us.


The former Mis-Teeq star was left in tears following a performance from the five-piece from the Wirral - who took to the stage with an emotional and powerful contemporary dance routine, despite one of their members suffering from scoliosis.


Clad in glittering hot pants and sports bras, the girls - Alice, Poppy, Julia, Annie and Rebecca - looked every inch the picture perfect dance troupe as they took to the stage in Blackpool to audition. 


However it soon emerged that all was not as it seemed, as Julia, 15, revealed she suffered from a serious case of scoliosis - a curvature of the spine.


Worsening matters, the youngster then explained that she was soon to have surgery on her condition, which would mean she could never dance again - hence why she was auditioning.


Clearly having an impression on the judges with her admission, the girls then sent shivers down the spines of the audience as they embarked on their emotionally charged performance.


Julia began the routine by covering up her injury with a T-shirt, but the girls' talent soon became evident as they performed complex choreography and a difficult array of lifts in perfect unison.


Dancing to Fight Song, the girls' routine was not only seamless but also incredibly passionate and determined in light of her battle with the condition. 


Ending the routine, featuring plenty of kicks, flicks and fist punches, on an even more powerful note, Julia then proudly removed her T-shirt and the girls all clasped hands - as the audience erupted into applause.


The routine left all judges emotional, but particularly Pandora Baby Booty with Blue CZ and 14K Dangle RETIRED Cheap  - who immediately pressed her golden buzzer with tears in her eyes, sending the troupe straight through to the semi-finals.

Pandora Baby Booty with Blue CZ and 14K Dangle RETIRED Cheap


Leaving the girls overjoyed and leaping around the stage, the singer explained emotionally: 'I have so much admiration for you girls right now I can't tell you. Seeing how you all come together with beautiful friendship you've got. 


'When you're that passionate, I can't imagine not ever doing that again. It's really touched me.' 


After delivering the exciting news, Alesha headed up to stage to congratulate the girls - with Julia gushing: 'It was my dream come true, thank you.' 


Earlier that night, an impressive acrobatic act had stolen stole the show with their seamless array of terrifying lifts and balances.


Gao Lin and Liu Xin, from Beijing, China, left viewers gobsmacked with their impressive and effortless flexibility - scoring an exciting 4 yes votes from the four amazed judges. 


Travelling the country to find the best talent, the ITV reality show hit Blackpool this week in its Gifts for the hottest new star of the UK.


Making the show incredibly exciting from the off however were the acrobatic duo - who warmed the hearts of viewers before even taking to the stage, after admitting they fell in love and married after dancing together for nine years.


Clad in professional white lycra and a co-ordinating lace tutu dress, Gao and Liu certainly looked the part as they began their routine.