The pair met at a dinner party in LA. ‘It was absolutely love at first pandora jewelry charms discount — certainly as far as I was concerned,’ Bryan said in 2009. ‘I was smitten the very first moment I laid eyes on her. She’s not only beautiful, but very talented.’


The couple lived in LA, with Bryan pursuing business interests with his company, the Watley Group, while Astrid developed her own career — with such success that, by 2011, she had a reality TV show, Astrid In Wonderland, in her native Belgium.


But the title soon seemed grimly ironic. ‘There were women that contacted me, via email and my social media,’ says Astrid, who still lives in Los Angeles.


The messages were distressing, informing her ‘that they’d had affairs with my husband. It was horrible. That’s how I found out he was cheating on me’.


Astrid, who separated from Bryan before divorcing him in March 2014, adds: ‘I paid him a lot of money to walk away.’


However, the torment is still not over. Far from leaving Astrid in peace, Bryan, now 61, is suing her for earnings, which, he claims, she never disclosed at the time of their divorce.


Of the scandals that have sullied the reputation of the Duchess of York, none has been more damaging than her relationship with John Bryan, her American ‘financial adviser’, who was photographed sucking her toes as she reclined topless by a pool in the South of France in 1992.


Yet Fergie may have got off lightly — judging by the nightmare that appears to have engulfed the young woman who became Bryan’s first wife 13 years later.


Astrid Nuyens, a classically trained violinist, singer and model, was just 22 when she married Bryan, by then 50, in 2005.


The marriage lasted seven years, but ended in divorce in 2014 — and Astrid is currently being pursued by her former husband through the courts for £1.6 million. Now I can disclose the truth about the disastrous marriage and her fears of impending bankruptcy.


Astrid, who has two outstanding lawsuits in Belgium against her former manager in a bid to reclaim what she is owed, disputes that she ever received the money.


Despite being a financial adviser, Bryan was never seen as wealthy by Texan tycoon standards and has found business success elusive. In 1995, his German-based company Oceonics Deutschland collapsed with debts of £10 million.


And in 1996, he was made bankrupt by the High Court in London after failing to pay debts of £60,000 to creditors, including the Duchess of York’s sister. 


Having negotiated the rights with Hello! magazine for the Australian wedding of Fergie’s sister Jane, he ended up pocketing £55,000 from the £145,000 deal and was ordered by the court to pay it back to Jane.


Bryan tells me: ‘I am confident that an appropriate resolution will be reached by the courts and I can move on with my life accordingly.’


Though Astrid is recently very happily remarried — to director Bram Coppens, whose surname she uses — she says that her ex shows no flicker of sympathy or understanding.


As if that were not bad enough, Bryan lives disconcertingly close to her. ‘Like one mile away. Less than that. He rents some house. So I see him frequently.’


One indignity that even Fergie was spared.


Labour's queen of sanctimony, Harriet Harman, harangued Chancellor George Osborne in 2015 for ‘not doing enough’ to stop tax avoidance. 


Surprising, then, that she’s pocketed a £3,000 cheque from Vodafone, the company at the centre of a huge tax avoidance controversy. 


The latest register of MPs’ extra-curricular earnings shows the one-time Labour leader earned her handsome fee for taking part in a debate hosted by Vodafone Group for International Women’s Day. 


No doubt Harman steered clear of the embarrassment when Vodafone was accused of striking ‘sweetheart’ deals with HMRC to avoid paying a multi-million-pound tax bill. 


The mobile phone giant’s payment to Harman was made via an agency called Golden Goose PR. Could Harriet’s chickens have come home to roost?


Granny Chic! Wintour becomes a grandma 


Fashion queen Anna Wintour, 67, is not only a grande dame, but she has also just become a first-time grandmother.


The formidable American Vogue editor-in-chief’s daughter-in-law Lizzie Cordry, who married Wintour’s son Charlie Shaffer in 2014, gave birth to a baby girl, Caroline, in New York this week.


Charlie is Dame Anna’s 31-year-old son by her first husband, psychiatrist David Shaffer, whom she divorced in 1999. 


Wintour is very protective of her son and, during his undergraduate days at Oxford, is said to have flown in from Milan Fashion Week to redecorate his university room at Magdalen College.


She hosted his wedding to Cordry at her 42-acre estate on Long Island.


No doubt Granny will ensure the sprog is the best-dressed baby in the world.


Meanwhile, Dame Diana Rigg, who set pulses racing as leather-clad Emma Peel in The Avengers, has also become a first-time granny at 78. 


Her actress daughter Rachael Stirling, who is married to Guy Garvey, singer of pop band Elbow, gave birth to a son at the weekend. 


Garvey, who hails from working-class Bury, met Stirling, the daughter of millionaire Scottish landowner Archie Stirling and Dame Diana, at actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s wedding in 2015. 


‘I only knew the groom,’ Garvey recalled. ‘So I turned up with 80 cigarettes and came back with Rachael.’ 


Pretty in pink, pregnant Rosie


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley revealed she’s ready to become a mother because her modelling job is selfish: ‘My career is very self-indulgent. It’s all about me.’


But with months to go until the birth of her first Pandora Precious Boy Charm delicate Discount with fiance Jason Statham, she’s clearly not ready to step out of the spotlight just yet. 

Pandora Precious Boy Charm delicate Discount


The 29-year-old supermodel looked blooming this week as she made an entrance at Seoul Fashion Week wearing sky-high heels and a clinging pink mini-dress that showed off her bump. Hold on to that handrail, Rosie!


During the EU referendum campaign, Juergen Maier, head of the British arm of Siemens, was a caterwauling Remainer, posing alongside David Cameron at Siemens’ Chippenham factory and saying Brexit would be a disaster. 


Yesterday, Maier was reduced to tweeting in support of his group boss, who has just said Brexit will bring ‘big opportunities’. 


Was silly old Juergen told to do a reverse ferret?


Bong! It’s round three in the endless ego clash between ITV newsmen Mark Austin and Tom Bradby — and this time, Austin’s landing the punches. 


Austin’s starring role in the new short films on mental health commissioned by Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge is seen as a sign of one-upmanship over his boyish rival Bradby, who prides himself as being a friend of the Royals. 


In a further blow for Bradby, he has been shunted out of ITV’s prestigious News At Ten slot to make way for the critically panned Nightly Show, while Austin is rumoured to be in line to replace Sky News’ star presenter Jeremy Thompson.


James Naughtie, the BBC’s special correspondent, is a reluctant Tweeter. 


‘It’s graffiti by any other name,’ says the 65-year-old former Today programme presenter. 


‘I have got nothing against graffiti, if it’s by Banksy or someone, but I don’t see the need to see it all as art, just as I don’t see the need to give equal weight to every view just because it’s on Twitter.’ 


Did Virgin snub Miss England?


Usually, no publicity shot of Virgin tycoon Richard Branson is complete without a bikini-clad beauty Jewelry Outlet at his side.


But the reigning Miss England, Elizabeth Grant, is furious that Branson failed to invite her to this week’s launch event when Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Miss England’ plane took off on its maiden flight from Manchester to San Francisco.


Grant’s father, DJ Des Grant, is ‘upset and annoyed’ by Branson’s snub, since the tycoon has posed for publicity shots with previous Miss Englands, and Elizabeth lives only 30 miles from Manchester.


Angie Beasley, the organiser of the Miss England contest, says: ‘It would have been polite for Richard to invite Miss England, seeing as he’s used Miss England for publicity purposes before.’